Friday, December 13, 2013

New In December

I needed a new skin cleanser and lotion this month. I always like to switch things up so my skin doesn't get used to it. I've been getting a few blemishes here and there lately so I decided on the Murad Ban Blemishes Starter Kit. I used Murad products in the past and I do love them. The kit is awesome. It has 4 steps and covers all the products you need in your morning or night routine. The cleanser cools as it cleans and doesn't have that stinging effect like some other treatments do. I love Murad because i have sensitive skin and with their products I can be sure that I will not have a reaction, nor will it dry my skin out even more than it already is during the winter.

You use the products left to right. First is cleansing the face, then on your dry clean face you add a drop (pea size) of the treatment gel to your hands and spread out all over your face and neck. Then the lotion goes on (this can go on before makeup or before another moisturizer you may use). I then add a small drop of the spot treatment to any new coming or existing blemishes. Since i have dry skin, i wait about 15 minutes for all that to dry and then I put my daily moisturizer on before my makeup.

The second gem I found in December is this Special Edition Arts Collection Palette by Catrice:

I have to be honest, I'm a "special edition"whore. Whatever beauty product I find as "special edition", I HAVE to have it. Its just something in my head, like if it's special or limited edition, it must be awesome! Well, I must say, this palette is AWESOME! It contains 6 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter, a brush and a mini eye liner pencil which is glittery black. The colors are so opaque and lustrous. They have some shine, but are not over powered with glitter. The blush and highlighter are the perfect shade! I think they are very compatible for multiple skin tones!The palette comes in 2 options, the green one (above) and a pink one which had more pinky eye shadows. Since I have green eyes, it was a no brainier for me to get the green one :)

Murad kit purchased in Farmacija. Palette purchased in DM.

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