Monday, November 24, 2014

Beauty University- How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Whether you need to cover greys or you just like to change your mind, most of us have experienced hair coloring at one time or another. But then we also know how expensive and annoying coloring can be. When those roots start to come in... boy does it get ugly. You can go from glamorous to trashy over night. Remember, friends don't let friend show roots. So to avoid such situations, here are a few tips on how to help your hair color last longer and prevent those empty pockets and ratty roots.

 1. Use a shampoo for color treated hair.
The quickest way to loose your hair color is by using the wrong shampoo. Anytime any hair coloring is concerned, whether highlights or a full head of color, the most important thing to remember is that you must use a shampoo for color treated hair. No matter how much moisture, fullness, etc.. your hair is missing, the color treatment always comes first. 
Other shampoos that are targeted to specific needs such as dandruff or volume strip your color and give your hair a lack of shine. A color treated shampoo is vital as it replenishes the hair, moisturizes it, and protects it from any other styling as hair dye, as most of you know, no matter how new or expensive, still damages your hair in some sense. If you use the correct shampoo, this damage is minimal!

2. Use a treatment before coloring. 

The best way to prepare for a coloring is to use a treatment to rid the hair of residue that will effect the color and will not protect the follicles for damage. BioSilk Clarifying Treatment is a cleansing formula that removes minerals, build up or residue on your hair. It the perfect treatment to prepare your hair for coloring or any type of chemical treatment. 

3. Hydrate your hair in between colorings.

Dry hair loses color quicker so besides a good shampoo for color treated hair, you must use a good conditioner that will keep your hair hydrated throughout washings. The best is to use a conditioner for color treated hair also. This will help maintain the moisture and shine in color treated hair. Use a mask once a week while at home and cover with a shower cap to keep the mask deep conditioning with heat activation. This creates a mega moisturizer like we talked about in this post.

4. Use an Egg Wash Mask. 

Egg yolks are like magic for your hair. I hate the taste of eggs so when they make their way to my shopping cart, you better believe they will be for my hair. They make your hair shinier, softer and healthier, which in total helps to maintain your color as well. The yolk in eggs also helps your hair to grow faster. Yes you heard it right... faster! Imagine that. Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil and massage this into your scalp. Cover your head with a bag or shower cap and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and voila! I do this once a week when I can, and believe me.. it does wonders!

5. Avoid Hot Water

As much as a hot shower feels great during the winter, it does numbers on your hair. Hot water dries the hair follicles and makes your color fade quicker. When showering and washing your hair, its best to use lukewarm water. When rinsing conditioner or a mask out, try to rinse with the coldest water your head can take. Cold water makes your hair hold moisture longer and helps add shine!

6. Avoid Using Drug Store Hair Color!

As much as professional salon coloring is more expensive, believe me when I say, it is worth the MONEY! Store bought haircolor does not do justice for your hair! Pay the extra 100 kuna and your hair will thank you! Not to mention you will need to color your hair less often and thus will end up being the cheaper option, as most of us need more than one store bought box when coloring anyway. The fact of the matter is, hair stylists are professionals and have dealt this all types of hair. They know what they are doing. They will get the color you want, whereas a boxed hair-dye is gamble. The color is never what you expected. Store bought dyes also contain cheaper ingredients and ammonia, which dries your hair out more and thus coloring is needed more often. Not to mention, dying in a salon is always better looking. I can always tell a hair dyed head from a salon dyed head. Salon coloring is customized for you! Hair colorists will choose the color and type of treatment based on several points:
- what you natural color is
- the level of gray you have
- what color is on it now
- your skin tone
- the level of porosity in your hair
These points all together determine what color you will get and how the color will affect your hair. As this is something only stylists know and take into account, I would suggest dishing out the extra cash for a professional coloring job at a salon.

7. Use a Gloss in Between Colorings

When your color is feeling a bit under the weather after a coloring, you can always freshen up with a gloss. These are not as harmful or damaging for your hair so feel free to grab for a drugstore gloss. Glosses add a bit more shine and life to your color when your not quite ready for another coloring. They are inexpensive and are easy to apply. A good gloss will also protect your hair from environmental damage which will cause premature color fading.

Happy coloring!
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beauty University- At home beauty recipies

Hello Ladies,

We are back! We took a little break from blogging due to work and medical issues but are now back and with lots to say and show you.

Since its almost the holiday season and we are all tight on cash, we've put together a little go to guide for all things beauty that you can make at home without spending hundreds on products.

 So gather your materials and prepare for a spa weekend!


I'm love the mega moisturizer the most. Especially during the winter. The wind and cold dry my hair out to the max. On the weekends, when its cleaning day, I shampoo my hair and put on a conditioning mask under my shower cap. I leave this on until I'm done with cleaning (this usually takes about 1.5 hours) and rinse out. This makes my hair silky and smooth,  super moisturized and ready to take on another week of cold air!

Let's be honest, winter means not having to shave your legs as often, which in fact has been proven to help keep your skin moisturized and healthier. Why run the razor over your skin when you don't need to? So when I do shave my legs in the winter, I use the sea salt and olive oil scrub right before I shave them. This leaves my legs silkier and hair free for longer!

Try out some of these at home pamper treatments when its cold outside and you don't feel like moving from your bedroom. It's a mini spa day with half the cost!

Happy pampering!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to school outfits

I tako je počela još jedna duga školska godina. Uz ovih par outfita, osjećat ćete se ljepše i nekako lakše izdržati duga predavanja na fakultetu i školi. Bitno je da se osjećate ugodno u odjeći koju imate na sebi. Poigrajte se s tkaninama, uzorcima i bojama :)

Back to school
back to school

Back to school

Back to school

back to school

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush Bags - Style #4 & #5

Well ladies we have come to the end of our White Rabbit for 2Girls 1Brush summer bag collection.
 The 2 last styles are completed and ready for sale. Just like style#1, #2, and #3, quantities are limited.

Style #4 is Nail Polish Suicide. The bag is 100% cotton and the handles are wrapped with cotton cord. This is a compilation of spilled nail polish that meet together. This is the perfect bag for fall because of all the colors.

Style #5 is Rouge and the City. A series of lipsticks act as buildings in the ever so fashionable New York City. The bag is 100% cotton and the handles are wrapped in cotton cord. I love how the contrast of the black on the white background came out in this bag. It's a perfect Fall/Winter shopping bag.

We had tons of fun working with White Rabbit Designs on this project. It was very interesting to see our designs come to life as they spent numerous hours creating the perfect girly bags for our readers. We hope to work with them again in the future!

Now that you all know what each of the five series look like, make your choice wisely! Remember quantities are limited. For inquiries or purchases please email us directly at

By the way ladies.. 2Girls 1Brush will be giving one of these fabulous bags (filled with some goodies) away in our next giveaway. We will announce the exact date and rules soon enough so be sure to keep up with your 2Girls 1Brush reads!
 Keep it styling,
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush Bags - Style #3

Hello Ladies,
The third White Rabbit for 2Girls 1Brush bag has arrived and this one is a cutie! We are adding to the collection, in case bag 1 and bag 2 were not enough :)
 This bag is my personal fave!
Just like the others, the bag is 100% cotton. Themed at black white and pink, this bag can be used during the day and at night and is not only a summer goodie. The vintage frame logo is elegant and glamorous, while the words "happy girls are the prettiest" definitely holds true. The handles are wrapped in black cotton to add to the black theme, and as always, White Rabbit added their signature tag with one twist.. its personalized for us :)
 Bags are 50 kuna each
Quantities are limited so hurry!
For inquiries or orders please email us directly at

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rainy Day Manicure

Hello Girlies,

Although summer has been with us for a while now, it seems the last few weeks have been more like Fall. Given the weather, I took the opportunity to make a rainy day manicure. I found this L'oreal nail polish on sale in DM for 5 Kuna! When I saw it, I knew exactly what I would do with the color. So here it is, my version of a rainy day (or fall) manicure.

I used the Essie Ridge filling base coat first. I painted on only one coat of this.

Next came 2 coats of the L'oreal color #608-Luxembourg Garden. Its a greenish-grey iridescent color that is perfect for darker manicures. I personally love dark colors and this one is just the right shade of dark so that its not too dark for summer.

Then I added one coat of the Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper in Cool Breeze. This is my absolute favorite glitter top coat. The glitter pieces are a mother of pearl color and give off shades of purple, pink and blue in the light.

Finally, I added one coat of Candy Coating scented top coat in Lemon Drop. This is one of my favorite top coats because it literally dries in seconds and it smells like lemon candy! You're entire hand smells yummy after you finish painting your nails. 

I love this manicure because its simple to do and it looks awesome if you want to wear a dark color in the summer.

What do you think of this color combination?

Happy manicuring,
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush Bags - Style #2

Hello Lovlies,

As we told you in our previous post here, we are happy happy to release the new White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush bag! This one comes in one style and is perfect for summer outings!

Blue stripes and glittery red lips are the perfect combo for fashionistas of all ages. There is a limited quantity of these bags as they are special edition so be sure to send us an email at to grab yours today. Bags are 100% cotton.

Stay tuned for style # 3, 4 and 5... coming soon!

Kissey Kissey,
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush Bag Sale!

Hello fashionistas,

Over the past couple of months we have been collaborating with a handbag design team called White Rabbit Designs. They are a duo of girls who design the cutest and most fashionable tote bags. The new collection is limited edition and designed for exclusively for us! 5 different designs with 4 colors each will be released throughout the next few weeks. The ladies have been working rapidly and meticulously to put our designs to life and the product is nothing short of perfect. 

This weeks design is a vintage perfume bottle. It is a 100% cotton tote bag with a cotton braided handle.

Perfect for the beach or the farmer's market!

Comes in 4 different contrasting colors.

Its the perfect bag for summer! 
Limited quantities are available so any ladies interested please contact us in the comments below (leave your email address) or email us directly at 
The tote bags are 50.00 Kuna. 
They can be shipped outside of Zagreb at the buyer expense.

Get your outfits ready and grab a White Rabbit Designs for 2Girls 1Brush Limited Edition tote bag before they run out!

Stay fashionable,

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Monday, July 21, 2014

My Summer Essentials

Hello Ladies,

Yes it's that time of year, summer! We all love summer for many reasons, of course including bronze skin, but sometimes it's hard to keep up with your regular daily rituals during summer because our skin and hair both change.
Here are some of my favorite summer finds and essentials which I use on a daily basis throughout the months of June, July and August.

My skin is naturally oily, so when I walk out into the hot sun this just gets worse. The Vichy Normaderm Total Mat daily hydrating gel keeps me shine free through the summer days. Whether I'm wearing makeup or not, I always have this gel underneath. Just to note, although it's called a gel, it has more of a moisturizer feel to it, but not as heavy as cream. The packaging is small however a little goes a long way. I just put a dot on my forehead and chin and both my cheeks and in spreading, I cover my whole face with the product.

No one wants hot stinky feet in the summer. If I am wearing ballet flats I always spray my feet with this Oriflame Feet Up Reviving Foot Spray. One thing I have to point out.. this smells AMAZING!!! I am absolutely 100% obsessed with the eucalyptus & mint smell and this foot spray does it perfectly. Just enough mint to cool you with a wonderful hint of eucalyptus. The spray keeps my feet smelling lovely all day. When I come home from a long day of walking in flip-flops, I spritz this on as it gives my feet a relaxing refreshing feeling. 

I bought this shampoo this year to try for the first time. I usually don't go for shampoo and conditioner in one but I thought I would give it a shot. This stuff smells so good. Its like summer in a bottle. It has my favorite coconut/summer tanning lotion smell and the texture is great. I do use a conditioner after it as well as I have drier hair. The shampoo is great for getting your hair back to "normal" after a day in the sun/salt/pool. It washes off all the impurities and protects your hair from over drying or being attacked too much by salt water or sun.

This is my absolute favorite product and I have been using it for as long as it came out. I always burn when I go in the sun, no matter what protection I wear so when I get a tan, I want to hold onto it like a child holds onto its candy. This product not only moisturizes my skin and prolongs my tan but it also has self-tanner in it which turns my pinkish tan into a nice golden hue. I am absolutely obsessed and if this product was ever discontinued, I would have a nice long letter to write to Garnier.

This is also a product that I tried for the first time this year and I am quite impressed. I love the lightness of this tanning lotion and I love how it has carotene in it. Like you already know, I tend to burn and so when I do tan, I get a pinkish color and have always wanted the golden glow that olive skinned girls have. This product helps with that as the carotene helps me get a more golden color.

I could write you a whole novel about this product but I will make it short and sweet. If I was stuck on a deserted island and I could only take one thing, this would be it. If you watch any you tube beauty vloggers then you have certainly heard of this product. Yes, it's that amazing. The It's a 10 miracle plus keratin hair spray is nothing short of a miracle! The name is 100% right on! Although its a spray, I spray it into my hands (it has the consistency of a conditioner) and spread it throughout my hair as to use up as much product as possible. There is not a day that goes by that I don't put this in my hair. I used to have very very paper dry ends. When I last cut my hair and started to use this product, my hair has been reborn. No more dry ends, no more tangles do to the dry hair meets wind effect. If there is one thing you would need for your hair, this would be it. It has made my hair so healthy shiny and moisturized that I can not longer love without it. 10 out of 10 in my book ladies.

The My body After Sun body wash from Bipa is a great body wash for after the beach. It smells ocean-y fresh and cleans off all the salt residue that sticks to your body after being in the water. It has a cooling affect which is awesome after you've been in the sun all day and even better if you get a sunburn.

So now that I have re-arranged my skin care regimen to adapt to summer, I must say I am very satisfied with the products that I have been using. Some of these products I will even continue to use throughout Fall and Winter.

Stay cool,
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Monday, July 7, 2014

June Favorites 2014

Evo mene sa još jednim mjesečnim favoritima.. Ovoga puta se ponavlja jedan proizvod, i ne zato jer nisam imala neki drugi favorit, nego zato što je toliko savršen da  se opet morao pojaviti među favoritima ovog mjeseca...
Da ne odugovlačim sa brbljanjem, dame i gospodo ovo su zvijezde lipnja :)

Da da, dobro vidite, malu žutu bočicu sa princezom i da da, to je dječji proizvod, a sada ću Vam reći zašto je ta bočica među favoritima. U zadnje vrijeme moja kosa, nije moja kosa, kao da je nečija tuđa, i uopće me ne sluša, i to mi je već počelo malo ići na živce :) Dakle petlja se, i dobivam dredlove kao Bob Marley... I trebalo mi je nešto što će ovu moju grivu raspetljati, jer nije uopće bitno koliko ja nju puta počešljala ona je nakon 2 sekunde opet zapetljana. Dva su razloga zašto sam baš dječiji proizvod za raščešljavanje kose odabrala. Prvi je jer miriši po trešnji :) , a drugi jer mi je trebao za malu nećakinju koja očito ima iste probleme kao i mi veliki. 
Odličan je, raspetlja mi kosu odma. Ako želite kupite, nećete požaliti.
Le Petit Marseillais ova predivna posudica, sa još predivnijim mirisom me oduševila. Maska za oštećenu kosu s karite mlijekom i medom, jedna riječ PREDIVNO :)
Organix maroccan curling perfection defining cream, super je za ljetne mjesece, jer samo operem kosu i posušim ručnikom i utrljam u vrhove kose, malo stiliziram kosu i Ta-Da, spremna sam. Ne volim koristi nikakve fenove, figare i ekipu po ljeti, jer mislim da je kosi već dovoljno sunce i more i sol, i da joj jadnoj ne treba još dodatna vrućina. Inaće imam blago valovitu kosu, pa je ova kremica idealna za beach look.

Ah taj prokleti celulit, sa svim prehranama i vježbama i litre i litre vode koje dnevno popijem ni to mu nije dovoljno da se barem trunčicu smanji, ali zato evo rješenja. Firming cellulite serum, učvrščuje kožu i samim time celulit je manje vidljiv. Ali ovaj serum  samo 5 %  pomaže, cure moje bez kvalitetne prehrane i vježbe nema te čarobne kreme koja će ukloniti ovu napast :)
Inače ljeti volim voćne mirise, i sve što ima veze sa kokosom, ali nikako nisam mogla odoljeti vaniliji. Body scrub sa shea maslacom, vitaminom E, ostavlja kožu glatkom i hidratiziranom.
PINK  zvijezdica moja. Maslac za tijelo koji miriši predobro, voćno ma baš ljetni miris, a najbolja stvar je što ima u sebi sitne zlatne čestice što je idealno za lijepi preplanuli ten.

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer fragnance, obožavam ga, i nemogu Vam opisati miris morat ćete do parfumerije :)
Make up
Make up base Sweet Princess kupljen u Bangkoku, nježnog mirisa, čak malo miriši i na kremu za sunčanje :) ostavlja lice nježnim i glatkim idealna podloga za make up.
Obožavam ljeti "žive" boje, malo rumenila, malo maskare i ruž na usnice i to je to, to je dovoljno, takve boje podignu cijelokupan izgled. Nisam se mogla baš odlučiti za jedan ruž pa eto Vam 3 :) . I tu se pojavljuje ponovo Revlon Colorburst...
Revlon Colorburst-Audacious
Nyx butter lipstick-Little Susie
Paula Dorf-Razzle

Curke to je to!
 Pišite nam, komentirajte, kakve biste postove htjele čitati
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

☀ Summer nails ☀

Cure, evo još jedna inspiracija za noktiće.... od zalaska sunca do lubenice ;)
Ljeto je stiglo i vrijeme je da se poigrate noktima, nije uopće bitno koje boje, kakav oblik nokta, samo neka je zabavno i šareno i neka vrišti ljeto :)

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