Monday, July 21, 2014

My Summer Essentials

Hello Ladies,

Yes it's that time of year, summer! We all love summer for many reasons, of course including bronze skin, but sometimes it's hard to keep up with your regular daily rituals during summer because our skin and hair both change.
Here are some of my favorite summer finds and essentials which I use on a daily basis throughout the months of June, July and August.

My skin is naturally oily, so when I walk out into the hot sun this just gets worse. The Vichy Normaderm Total Mat daily hydrating gel keeps me shine free through the summer days. Whether I'm wearing makeup or not, I always have this gel underneath. Just to note, although it's called a gel, it has more of a moisturizer feel to it, but not as heavy as cream. The packaging is small however a little goes a long way. I just put a dot on my forehead and chin and both my cheeks and in spreading, I cover my whole face with the product.

No one wants hot stinky feet in the summer. If I am wearing ballet flats I always spray my feet with this Oriflame Feet Up Reviving Foot Spray. One thing I have to point out.. this smells AMAZING!!! I am absolutely 100% obsessed with the eucalyptus & mint smell and this foot spray does it perfectly. Just enough mint to cool you with a wonderful hint of eucalyptus. The spray keeps my feet smelling lovely all day. When I come home from a long day of walking in flip-flops, I spritz this on as it gives my feet a relaxing refreshing feeling. 

I bought this shampoo this year to try for the first time. I usually don't go for shampoo and conditioner in one but I thought I would give it a shot. This stuff smells so good. Its like summer in a bottle. It has my favorite coconut/summer tanning lotion smell and the texture is great. I do use a conditioner after it as well as I have drier hair. The shampoo is great for getting your hair back to "normal" after a day in the sun/salt/pool. It washes off all the impurities and protects your hair from over drying or being attacked too much by salt water or sun.

This is my absolute favorite product and I have been using it for as long as it came out. I always burn when I go in the sun, no matter what protection I wear so when I get a tan, I want to hold onto it like a child holds onto its candy. This product not only moisturizes my skin and prolongs my tan but it also has self-tanner in it which turns my pinkish tan into a nice golden hue. I am absolutely obsessed and if this product was ever discontinued, I would have a nice long letter to write to Garnier.

This is also a product that I tried for the first time this year and I am quite impressed. I love the lightness of this tanning lotion and I love how it has carotene in it. Like you already know, I tend to burn and so when I do tan, I get a pinkish color and have always wanted the golden glow that olive skinned girls have. This product helps with that as the carotene helps me get a more golden color.

I could write you a whole novel about this product but I will make it short and sweet. If I was stuck on a deserted island and I could only take one thing, this would be it. If you watch any you tube beauty vloggers then you have certainly heard of this product. Yes, it's that amazing. The It's a 10 miracle plus keratin hair spray is nothing short of a miracle! The name is 100% right on! Although its a spray, I spray it into my hands (it has the consistency of a conditioner) and spread it throughout my hair as to use up as much product as possible. There is not a day that goes by that I don't put this in my hair. I used to have very very paper dry ends. When I last cut my hair and started to use this product, my hair has been reborn. No more dry ends, no more tangles do to the dry hair meets wind effect. If there is one thing you would need for your hair, this would be it. It has made my hair so healthy shiny and moisturized that I can not longer love without it. 10 out of 10 in my book ladies.

The My body After Sun body wash from Bipa is a great body wash for after the beach. It smells ocean-y fresh and cleans off all the salt residue that sticks to your body after being in the water. It has a cooling affect which is awesome after you've been in the sun all day and even better if you get a sunburn.

So now that I have re-arranged my skin care regimen to adapt to summer, I must say I am very satisfied with the products that I have been using. Some of these products I will even continue to use throughout Fall and Winter.

Stay cool,
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  1. hej, gdje kupujeŇ° It's a 10 ? je li dostupno u HR ili preko interneta?

  2. U Americi kupim :( Trazila sam preko neta za tu, ali samo sam nasla netku stranicu gdje je shipping oko $40!! To je pre ludo sa tim da taj It's a 10 kosta $16.