Thursday, August 21, 2014

White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush Bags - Style #4 & #5

Well ladies we have come to the end of our White Rabbit for 2Girls 1Brush summer bag collection.
 The 2 last styles are completed and ready for sale. Just like style#1, #2, and #3, quantities are limited.

Style #4 is Nail Polish Suicide. The bag is 100% cotton and the handles are wrapped with cotton cord. This is a compilation of spilled nail polish that meet together. This is the perfect bag for fall because of all the colors.

Style #5 is Rouge and the City. A series of lipsticks act as buildings in the ever so fashionable New York City. The bag is 100% cotton and the handles are wrapped in cotton cord. I love how the contrast of the black on the white background came out in this bag. It's a perfect Fall/Winter shopping bag.

We had tons of fun working with White Rabbit Designs on this project. It was very interesting to see our designs come to life as they spent numerous hours creating the perfect girly bags for our readers. We hope to work with them again in the future!

Now that you all know what each of the five series look like, make your choice wisely! Remember quantities are limited. For inquiries or purchases please email us directly at

By the way ladies.. 2Girls 1Brush will be giving one of these fabulous bags (filled with some goodies) away in our next giveaway. We will announce the exact date and rules soon enough so be sure to keep up with your 2Girls 1Brush reads!
 Keep it styling,
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

White Rabbit for 2Girls1Brush Bags - Style #3

Hello Ladies,
The third White Rabbit for 2Girls 1Brush bag has arrived and this one is a cutie! We are adding to the collection, in case bag 1 and bag 2 were not enough :)
 This bag is my personal fave!
Just like the others, the bag is 100% cotton. Themed at black white and pink, this bag can be used during the day and at night and is not only a summer goodie. The vintage frame logo is elegant and glamorous, while the words "happy girls are the prettiest" definitely holds true. The handles are wrapped in black cotton to add to the black theme, and as always, White Rabbit added their signature tag with one twist.. its personalized for us :)
 Bags are 50 kuna each
Quantities are limited so hurry!
For inquiries or orders please email us directly at

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rainy Day Manicure

Hello Girlies,

Although summer has been with us for a while now, it seems the last few weeks have been more like Fall. Given the weather, I took the opportunity to make a rainy day manicure. I found this L'oreal nail polish on sale in DM for 5 Kuna! When I saw it, I knew exactly what I would do with the color. So here it is, my version of a rainy day (or fall) manicure.

I used the Essie Ridge filling base coat first. I painted on only one coat of this.

Next came 2 coats of the L'oreal color #608-Luxembourg Garden. Its a greenish-grey iridescent color that is perfect for darker manicures. I personally love dark colors and this one is just the right shade of dark so that its not too dark for summer.

Then I added one coat of the Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper in Cool Breeze. This is my absolute favorite glitter top coat. The glitter pieces are a mother of pearl color and give off shades of purple, pink and blue in the light.

Finally, I added one coat of Candy Coating scented top coat in Lemon Drop. This is one of my favorite top coats because it literally dries in seconds and it smells like lemon candy! You're entire hand smells yummy after you finish painting your nails. 

I love this manicure because its simple to do and it looks awesome if you want to wear a dark color in the summer.

What do you think of this color combination?

Happy manicuring,
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