Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beauty University- At home beauty recipies

Hello Ladies,

We are back! We took a little break from blogging due to work and medical issues but are now back and with lots to say and show you.

Since its almost the holiday season and we are all tight on cash, we've put together a little go to guide for all things beauty that you can make at home without spending hundreds on products.

 So gather your materials and prepare for a spa weekend!


I'm love the mega moisturizer the most. Especially during the winter. The wind and cold dry my hair out to the max. On the weekends, when its cleaning day, I shampoo my hair and put on a conditioning mask under my shower cap. I leave this on until I'm done with cleaning (this usually takes about 1.5 hours) and rinse out. This makes my hair silky and smooth,  super moisturized and ready to take on another week of cold air!

Let's be honest, winter means not having to shave your legs as often, which in fact has been proven to help keep your skin moisturized and healthier. Why run the razor over your skin when you don't need to? So when I do shave my legs in the winter, I use the sea salt and olive oil scrub right before I shave them. This leaves my legs silkier and hair free for longer!

Try out some of these at home pamper treatments when its cold outside and you don't feel like moving from your bedroom. It's a mini spa day with half the cost!

Happy pampering!

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  1. the bast dandruff destroyer is bicarbonate soda! and the best conditioner is, believe it or not, apple cider vinegar! :D