Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March Manis

Hello ladies, I decided to put together a compilation of some of my favorite manicures this March
My favorite seems to be glitter and bright colors this time of year. I definitely started to experiment with different types of glitter top coats recently.
Nail polishes used: Essie, Barry M, Wet N Wild, Essence, Forever 21, L'Oreal. 
10 Tricks to make your natural nail polish last longer
1. Shorter nails: Keep your nails short to avoid getting them caught in your hair or clothes. This will prevent premature chipping.

2. Invest in the best top coat: The best top coat is a light quick drying top coat. I recommend Essence Studio nails. It dries in seconds and lasts very long!

3. Use gloves: When washing dishes or cleaning the house, keep the mani fresh by wearing gloves. You can even add some lotion on before placing your hands in the gloves for an added moisturizing hand treatment.

4. Allow for enough dry time: Even when using a quick dry top coat, be sure to allow the right amount of drying time. Paint them and watch TV for one 30 minute show. This allows all the chemicals to evaporate and the nail polish to dry properly.

5. Seal the edge: When painting your nails, be sure to go over the edge of the nail horizontally. This area is where the chipping usually starts. Painting it will prevent early chipping.

6. Thinner strokes: Apply thinner and less strokes. The less polish you put on, the quicker it will dry and the longer it will last.

7. File in one direction: Whichever direction you file in, make sure its either to the left or to the right, never back and forth. Alternating directions weakens the nail, making it more prone to breakage.

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