Saturday, April 5, 2014

Replica makeup- Not a bargain... just toxic!

Hello ladies,

When it comes to brand names and designers, let's face it, we all want the best stuff. And although there are many fake and counterfeit versions out there, makeup is NOT one that you should be buying a knock-off version of. So leave your fakes for the purses and when it comes to your skin or hair, purchase the real deal as that Naked palette you bought for $5 and thought was a huge bargain, may actually be poisoning you.

Counterfeit cosmetics are not only made in a non sterile environment but they may contain carcinogenic ingredients that are banned from use in the actual cosmetic and cause long term problems within your skin.

There have been many reported cases of women developing skin conditions due to the use of fake make-up. Some of these conditions include swelling, acne and even psoriasis. Not to mention that some governmental bodies have confirmed that the profits made from fake makeup is used to fund drug smuggling!

How to spot a fake:
1. Only buy from a licensed seller.
2. Compare the packaging, if the color is way off, its a fake.
3. Compare the fonts on the packaging, this is also always a bit smaller or larger on the fakes.
4. Most importantly of all, if it comes from a site you are not familiar with and the price seems to good to be true-- it is! This is the obvious sign of a fake!

So, to assure you are taking the best care of your skin, when shopping for makeup, if you can't afford the real stuff- Don't buy the "bargain" version. You may be doing much more harm than good. Before you click the purchase button for that "too good to resist" Naked palette, make sure it's real Naked and not Faked!


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