Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sealed with a Kiss - DIY Valentine's Day Lipstick Art

 Hello ladies! Today's post is all about a great and easy DIY picture that you looks both cute and can be used for many things besides just bedside art!

The process is very simple. Put on each lipstick, color by color and kiss the page about 5-6 times whilst turning it in each direction. Make sure that you freshen the lipstick before each kiss as each mark has to be bright. I used pinks, reds and corals in this demo below as I feel it looks the best for that valentine's day look. Make sure you choose lipstick hues that are fairly different because eventually the colors will overlap and you don't want the colors to blend in to much.

This is four colors in:
 This is the fifth and final color added in. I started to overlap the previous kisses here to give it that kiss-all-over effect.

Here is the finished product framed and hung. I used a pink background to add some color around the edges. I did this one a while ago and I used some nude lipsticks too hence the change in color:

After you have all the colors ready, be sure to allow the picture to dry for at least 8 hours so that nothing smudges as you are framing it. 

You can make this as a unique art piece for your closet or bathroom, or as a present for that special guy. After the picture is done, you can even write a cute message over the lips to personalize his gift even more.
Another great idea for this picture is to use it as a lipstick color guide. Put labels all the colors by name. When your getting ready to go out and don't know which color to choose, just look at the guide and decide!

Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. Ovo je ooooodlična ideja! Mislim da ću iskoristiti kao poklon :=)