Saturday, February 15, 2014

Product Impression- Garnier Neo Deodorant

We decided to start a new post which we will put up once in a while when we come across a new product that is worth testing and reviewing- Product Impression
The other day I went to the store for a new deodorant. Among all the options, near my regularly used deodorant sat this little gem below. I figured, why not give it a shot.
There were about 5 smell options and after sniffing all of them for a while, this 'Fresh Blossom' scent stuck out. The deodorant is a cream-ish deodorant, much like a roll on, except its in a tube and the applicator top is a soft silicone like 'glider' which has three slots from where the deodorant comes out. 


I must say that this little tube is genious. Firstly, it glides on really well. The smell is is amazing among the deodorant family and it really lasts all day. Now I'm not a big sweat-er naturally but I have to say it does work when it comes to preventing sweat. I also purposely put the deodorant on and then put a black t-shirt on to see if there really are no marks as it promises, and guess what? No marks!

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommend this deodorant. I think its cute and small enough to fit in your bag's pocket. It also smells great and does the trick! There are multiple scents to choose from, there is even a scentless version. 

P.S I bought it in DM

Happy sweating,
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  1. I just got this one today and really liked it, also was curious to hear what others think :) Thanks for the review!