Monday, February 10, 2014

What to get your man for Valentine's Day

What to get your man for V-Day

Because there is only so many occasions that you can get a guy cologne, here is a list of some interesting presents that he may just love you even more over.

1. David Beckham boxers H&M

2. Tickets to a sporting event Eventim

3. Knife set Hocuto
4. Gadget gloves- gloves that allow you to type on your smart phone Hocuto

5. Game day Box- Fill a box up with snacks and drinks perfect for use on the next big game day

6. Multi-tooled Card Hocuto
7. BBQ master set Hocuto

8. Sporty Hoodie H&M

9. USB stick Links

10. Tablet HG Spot

11. Shaver and grooming kit Elipso

12. Mp3 player HG Spot

13. Fitness Gear Ekupi

Good luck ladies!

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