Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just Desserts


We have compiled a lovely picture book of Valentine's Day dessert ideas which you could whip up for your hubbie or just make for yourself... we won't tell judging here :)
 Find the recipe here: Cherry Almond Bark

 Find the recipe here: Cherry chocolate chip brownies

 Find the recipe here: Chocolate Chip Bars

 Find the recipe here: Fruit Pizza

 Find the recipe here: Ice cream cupcakes

 Find the recipe here: Strawberry Mini Cheescake Bites

Find the recipe here: Heart Sugar Cookies
So let the njum njums begin and get those mixers ready!
Love N Chocolate Ladies,
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  1. Wow, quante idee deliziose!!! *___*

    1. grazie :) non si sbaglia mai con il cioccolato e fragola :)

  2. Sve tako fino izgleda... njami... :) Al, nekako me najviše privlače ovi browniji.. :)