Thursday, May 15, 2014

New in- Online Shopping (Nyx, LA girl)

Hello ladies!
I recently found some great sales online and of course my addiction was stronger than my control so I had to buy a few things. Everything I bought was on sale and it only took 10 days to arrive- which if you have shopped online before, you know is an amazing shipping time.

When I was in NY I picked up a lot of Nyx lipsticks and lip glosses but I did not hit up the lip pencils. So when I saw them on sale, I thought this would be a great time to give them a try.

 I decided on the colors 724 (Chaos) and 720 (Honey Nectar). 

At first glance, the colors seem very creamy and when I swatched them on my hand, I realized that they are indeed very light and creamy, much like the other lip colors that Nyx has. I was very pleasantly surprised by the richness of the colors.

The site had many Nyx brushes on sale so I decided to add onto my collection with these three beauties:

The B31 is a small eye shadow brush, mainly used for the crease of the eye. The B19 is a lip and eyeliner brush. I bought it to use as a lip-liner brush so that I can precisely apply lipstick to the lines of my lips much like lip-liner, before filling them in. The B20 is a concealer corrector brush which is great for under eye concealer or when you have a little spot here or there. Much like the rest of Nyx products, I was pleasantly surprised with the brushes. Their texture is great and the handles are very sturdy which is a big plus for me.

I also purchased 4 nail polishes from the brand L.A girl. Two are a 2 in 1 which were on sale.
One side is the color meant to be used as a base, whereas the other side is the glitter "topping." The colors are very rich and look like they will be lots of fun for toes in the summer! The pink and blue combo (Pop Artsy) has different shaped glitter chunks to add on top of the bright magenta pink base. The pink and pink combo (Pinksicle) has smaller silvery pink glitter to add on top of a lighter bubble gum pink shade. You can never have too much pink!

Since I'm obsessed with glitter nail polish (although hate the 20 minutes it takes to remove it), I had to get these two colors as well. The pink (Tinsel) is an opaque color with mother of pearl like glitter chunks. The purple and blue (Frisky) is a clear base with lots and lots of purple and blue glitter running throughout. I can't wait to try these out!

I purchased all these new goodies off the website Cherry Culture.They have great brands and always have things on sale. The packaging was perfect! Everything was neatly wrapped up as not to break or get damaged in the transport. I would highly recommend them for your next online shopping day!

Happy Shopping,

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  1. Bas me zanimaju kistovi, nadam se da ce biti detaljniji utisci i kako se ponasaju :)
    Volim tu stranicu i cesto kupujem tamo, super su im popusti i brzo dolaze paketici.

  2. Nisam još kupila nikad ništa sa njihove stranice,ali hocu. Meni se sviđaju ruževi u olovci,krasne boje