Friday, May 2, 2014

Beauty Haul from New York- Nyx, Elf, Forever21, Revlon, Essie

Hello ladies,
Amongst all the fun and interesting things that I did in New York, shopping took up quite a bit of my time. I took the opportunity to update and add to my makeup collection. Out with the old and in with the new! Its always best to do this from time to time. What some people don't know is that makeup does have an expiration date, and although it may "look" fine, does not mean it will be safe to still put on your face years or even months after.

Forever 21 Bronzer. I was looking for a darker and not so sparkly bronzer and I think I found it in this one. It is pretty dark so it will be perfect for summer when I get a tan!

These Nyx blushes are so cute. One is a baked blush and illuminator and the other is a regular blush. The pigment is so strong and pink. Its perfect for the spring!

From the left (clockwise) e.l.f illuminating bronzer, corrective concealer, blush/bronzer duo (check out the review here), and pressed powder. This is from e.l.f's studio line. Priced at only $3-$6 each, I must admit that these little compacts are definitely worth every penny and some!

Physicians Formula warm nude eye shadow palette. This is the darker palette of the series. Bruna did a post on the lighter one here. I absolutely LOVE these colors. This is the 3rd or 4th time I am repurchasing the same shadow palette and I am more than pleased. the colors are so warm and bronze they are perfect for a summer night when you're tan. I love the way they easily apply and the rich pigment stays all day! This is the Warm Nude palette, it is the slightly darker version of the Natural Nude palette which Bruna did a review on here.

I must say, these have to be my favorite purchase. The day to night palette and bronzer/blush eyeshadow makeup artist palette are more than worth every penny. Priced at $10-$15, they basically offer you every single eyeshadow color you could think of! I love how the bronzer/blush palette gives you various shades of bronzers and blushes so that you can switch them throughout the seasons!

   This e.l.f geometrical palette has the perfect night out colors. It has so many smokey eye options, the possibilities are endless. Just as all the rest of the e.l.f studio shadow palettes, the colors are rich and smooth and last all night.


E.l.f's moisturizing lipstick and forever 21's velvet lipstick. Besides the price attracting me, I was taken back by the colors of these three. I had to try them out. I am more than pleased. They are rich and creamy colors which are light to the touch.


Nyx butter lipstick. After hearing about these all over blogs and vlogs, I had to try them out for myself. I will admit it, it is definitely worth the hype! Although Nyx is a drugstore brand, I have to admit these lipsticks are my new favorite, even over my Estee Lauder and Dior colors.


Even lighter than the Nyx butter lipsticks is the butter gloss. These are perfect for a daily look and don't need reapplying every 10 minutes Nor are they "sticky."

Revlon color burst matte balm. Matte lipsticks are a new hit this year and so I had to try this stick out. I love the color. It is rich and creamy and comes on matte without being dry on your lips.


Nyx classic lipstick and matte lipstick. Again Nyx has done me right. The colors are perfect for summer and the texture is just like I like it, rich and creamy.

Essie nail polish in Stylenomics, Mochacino, Smokin' Hot, Lady Like, and Sparkle on Top
Barry M nail polish in Sour apple, Gold mine glitter, and marshmallow
H&M nail polish in silver, Pinktastic, and purple

 Butter nail lacquer in Knackered and Slapper

 Maybelline nail polish in Pretty in Polka and Guilded Rose

E.l.f and Forever 21 nail polish in Lilac, Teal Blue, Midnight Mystery, Pot of Gold, and no name pink


 My Uggs have been very dirty lately so I had to get a new Ugg cleaning kit. I would not clean them with any other products. If you follow the instructions carefully, this kit will bring your Uggs back to a wearable status.

 The Tangle Teezer is seriously God's gift to women. It is amazing! Hair wet or dry, it gets the knots out and in a gentle way so that don't lose any hairs and you don't rip at your hair or damage it. 

  Victoria's Secret always had my favorite body sprays and lotions. I bought this set which will last me at least the whole year. I love all they're scents. Amber Romance, Love Spell and Pure Seduction are 3 of their classic scents which will never go out of style.

Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite stores as they have the most amazing scented candles and body washes. These three candles, Island Waters, Hawaiian Hibiscus, and Black Sands is from their new Hawaiian Tropical line and I am in love with the way they smell!
And now all I have left to do is to organize this stuff. Although that is the most tedious part, it is always fun :)
Happy organizing,
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  1. Ah,kakve divote! Sve je lepo,ali najvise su mi se dopale ELF stvarcice na okupu i Nyx ruzevi,moram napokon da kupim neki:) Fascinantno je da Warm Nude paletu kupujes vec nekoliko puta,palete se sporo trose:) Uzivaj u organizaciji i koriscenju :) Pozdrav

  2. ljubomorna saam, ljubomorna! :D hehe zezam se :D
    sve je toliko predivno
    najviše m ise sviđaju NYX rumenila, Essie Elf I Butter London lakovi za nokte, Victoria's Secret preparati za tijelo i Bath&Body Works mirisne svijeće :)