Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Gold Letter Fridge Magnets

Hello Ladies,
Since I am so in love with DIYs I decided to share another one I found on Pinterest with you. I spend about 2 hours each day (minimum) on Pinterest. It's my bible! When I saw this DIY, I immediately went to Ebay and ordered these letter magnets:

The magnets were about $3 on ebay, but I am sure you can find similar ones in any kids or housewares store. The rest is very simple. The magnets are plastic and will take the spray paint very well, no base needed. The spray paint I used is Marabu Do-it Colorspray in high gloss gold:

I bought the spray in Chemaco (Vukovarksa) for around 35 kuna. This specific color (high gloss) is perfect for this project because it creates an almost plastic coat of color on the plastic. It takes a lot more time to dry than the regular colors so make sure you don't touch it for at least 4-5 hours after spraying or you will have a high fingerprint finish and not a high gloss.
All I did was lay the letters out on newspaper and sprayed them with about 2 coats of spray. I turned the paper as I was spraying to get all the sides and inside the letters.

After letting it dry for 5 hours, I stuck the final product onto my fridge:

 I have a white fridge so the contrast looks so cute. It would even look cool on a black fridge. This project was so simple and it just adds a bit more glam and interest to an otherwise boring fridge :)

I hope you try this out as it's so cheap and easy to make. If you like DIY's such as these let me know and I will be sure to share all my projects as I make them a lot.

Happy spraying,
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