Monday, June 2, 2014

May Favorites!

  Hello Ladies,
It's that time of month (or end of) again. May is over and I have used several products this month which I must say have been a personal favorite and will continue being so into the month of June.
The shampoo that I usually go to when I get my hair dyed is Artist Hair collaboration Brilliant Colour Shampoo. I absolutely love this shampoo not only this month but in past months. Since I got my hair re-dyed this month, I bought this shampoo again and quickly remembered why it is that I always recommend it for colored hair (they have ones for other hair types too). It is definitely salon quality without salon price. I believe I paid about 20ish kuna for this shampoo in Muller. It leaves my hair silky and soft and it does not fade the color in my hair.

The conditioner I loved this month is a new one that I thought I would give a shot since the brand just came out and a have a soft spot for all French brands. Le Petit Marseillais's Apres Shampooing Eclat Couleur or conditioner for colored hair, is a must have for colored hair. Its a perfect conditioner. Not to thick where is weighs down the hair, but not to light where is does no conditioning. I love the way it makes my hair feel. The only downside I have about this conditioner is that since it is made with blueberry extract, it does have a fruity smell. I personally do not prefer smelling like a fruit bowl but I know a lot of people love fruity smells so this can't really count as a negative comment. It does not take away from the fact that I truly was amazed by the conditioner and again I still have that soft spot for French brands and this just confirmed it.

 The mask I absolutely fell for this month is the Freeman Clay mask in Mint & Lemon. Freeman is an American brand and I am quite familiar with it but its still somewhat fresh to Croatia. I usually like their stuff so I figured I would give this a shot. Now I have like HUGE pores so I needed something that will basically go in there and set up camp as this is the only way that they would ever look somewhat minimized. I was not afraid of a tough mask. This mask is awesome because it did just that. It went all up in my pores and cleared all the goop out and left them completely cleaned. The next day... BAM! pores are smaller looking... I give it a 10 out of 10.

 I also decided to purchase the Vichy Normaderm line again this month as I have been quite acne-ish lately. I don't know if its from added stress or perhaps my puberty came back for a quick visit. Anyway, whenever I had problems in the past, Normaderm was here to the rescue. The deep cleansing purifying gel is a perfect everyday face wash. I love the easiness of the pump. It leaves my skin clean but without drying it out too much. The Normaderm Total Mat hydrating gel is a perfect balance after washing as it rehydrates the skin but also ensures that you remain mat all day long. This is a definite go to face cream for the summer as we all get a little disco ball shiny at some point during the 30 degree days. It hydrates your face but also helps to keep your pores clean underneath your makeup or SPF lotion.


The lip color I loved this month is NYX jumbo lip pencil in color 720 (Honey Nectar). This pencil is perfect. Its a chubby lip pencil (basically a lipstick) that is so rich and creamy that is instantly moisturizes your lips, even if they are already chapped. The color is a perfect nude with a bit of peachy tones to it. Its perfect for the Spring and Summer. The pencil was about $4.50 on Cherry Culture.

I usually paired this with the IsaDora Perfect Lipliner pencil in color 35 (Tropical Pink). The pink is very bright but I blend it into the peachy nude of the Nyx pencil and then it makes a perfectly light pink. The pigmentation of this pencil is amazing. Its very vivid and bright and it stays on my lips practically all day. The pencil was about 80 kuna in Muller

I did a lot of concealer shopping this month and besides the ones I loved in this post, I also purchased this bad boy by Essence and was quite surprised. The pigmentation is quite spot on. I got a fairly lighter color just for under my eyes. It says it lasts 16 hours and although I can't remember the last time I was actually awake -nap free- 16 hours in a row to check, it did last me all day even after work, gym and all so I will give them that. The coverage is about almost full and the only reason I don't say full is that full coverage usually stands for a cake-like/can cover a tattoo, coverage to me. the concealer cost about 20 kuna in DM.

This months mascara is the New Avon Super Shock Brights colored mascara in plum. I have green eyes so I have been wearing a purple mascara for very many years as purple brings out greens. I love the dark plum shade of this mascara and i am in love with the brush. It has plastic bristles so they don't make your lashes stick together. What I absolutely love about this mascara is that no matter what I do during the day (work, gym, nap) it does not come off in the sense that it stains the underneath of my eyes making me look extremely tired or worn out. It basically lasted all day for me. I can also say that it's quite waterproof as I did leave my makeup on at the gym several times and built up a sweat. The mascara lasted, purple and all. I paid about 45 kuna for the mascara through Avon.

I can definitely say I will be starting the month of June with the use of all these products as well as I was pleasantly pleased with my trials. 
Have you tried any of these products this month?

Happy June,
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