Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Manicure- Essie, Smart Girls

Hello girls,
I decided to try a unique and fun manicure today full of glitter and sparkles.
I've been seeing the ring and pointer finger manicures a lot lately. I must say I like how it makes the manicure more interesting and not all monotone and boring one colored.

Nail polishes Used:
Essie- No more film
Essie- Luxeffects- Sparkle on top
Smart Girls- #142
Smart Girls- #41
Essence- Studio nails top sealer top coat
Eveline- Diamond hard and shiny nails base coat

My ring finger is 2 coats of smart girls #41 and 1 coat of smart girls #142. My pointer finger is 1 coat of Essie No more film and 1 coat of Essie Sparkle on top.All the other nails are one coat of Essie No more film. It's a gorgeous purple/blue pigmented polish that has a ton of shine on it's own. Sometimes I like a darker color for the spring and especially since its been raining lately, I opted for it today. The color is just the right amount of opaque so that all you need is one coat.

 I've been wearing Essie since it first came to the states and I must admit, I have never met a better polish. No only are the colors super unique, the names are too. I am also in love with the polishes because of their shelf life. I have bottles that are 5 years old and still going strong! In my book, they are definitely worth every lipa!
Happy Saturday,
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  1. Jako lijepa manikura! :D Sviđa mi se kombinacija tamno plave i glittera.