Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to make Bright Eye- Essence Palette Review

  Hello Girls,
Whether you're a starter at makeup or a long time lover and user, The new Essence makeup box palettes are a great addition. If you already are a pro to be, you don't need the instructions that come in the box. However, for all those new users, this would be a great place to start.

The packaging of this palette is so cute that when I saw it, I could not resist. Priced at 50 kuna, this makeup box really is a steal as it comes with a mirror, 6 colors, a mini brush and instructions hidden behind the mirror that will help you develop the "Bright Eyes" that the box is intended to create. It gives you specific instructions on which color goes where.

The palette is especially useful when it comes to those, 'have to get up early but only slept 5 hours, look like a hot mess' type of days. The lightness of the colors helps to widen and brighten eyes and keep them looking fresh all day.

The colors of this palette are vanilla eyes, light up, natural beauty, eyes bright open, the irresistible, and team bright. The colors are a bit glittery but now too much. They are rich in color without overpowering. The key is to get a bright- fresh, open eyed looking makeup and not an evening or extra colorful makeup. The color I use the most (as you can probably see from the pictures) is natural beauty. Its a perfect pale pink that I love to add under my brows or on the interior of my eye to brighten them up. 
Eyes bright open is a perfect pinkish, coral summer color. It also brightens my eyes without being a too colorful daily look.
I would definitely recommend this palette to newbies and makeup fanatics as it is a great addition to have. You can used the guides in the box to make the entire look, or just use the colors in addition to your other makeup.
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  1. Napokon recenzija ove kutijice,dugo se dvoumim dali da je kupim ali u smokey varijanti.....predivne su mi boje :D

  2. svidja mi se jako ovakvo pakovaanje,a i boje su bas po mom ukusu!! :)

  3. Nice review, I really like this essence box
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